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Become a model and blogger at Beauties from Heaven today.
 Besides being a blog-platform we are also a model agency.
 You will have the opportunity to be photographed as "Babe of 
the month", join other photographers at photoshoots, travelling, 
partying and also join our nightclub events among other! You 
will make money and have fun, so join us today!

To apply to be a model/blogger at you 
need to be 18 years old, and be aware of our rules regarding 
posting of picture/videomateriale. Frontal nudity, topless, bikini, 
lingerie, booty, nudes and sexy pictures/videos are allowed. 
Pictures/videos with violence, abuse, hate and rasism are not 
allowed and posts will deleted with no further notice from our 
Administrator. You only are allowed to post material owned by 
you or where the right to someone´s work has been given you. 
Creating of fake profile and misuse of pictures from others will 
not be tolerated. You will have to follow EU and US laws. It is not 
allowed for models to give out personal information in blogposts, 
comments, pictures, videos or giving out information regarding 
your snapchat, instagram, facebook account and other social media 
information that will help identifying yourself.

The bloggers are considered self-employed and are responsible 
for paying correct taxes to the country where the blogger is living.